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April 22, 2022

Who will ever forget the songs "Ligaya", "Pare ko", "With A Smile", and arguably one of the best songs in OPM "Ang Huling El Bimbo"?


Well, if you are from the 90's I'm pretty sure you've heard all these famous songs from the band Eraserheads. Now is your chance to hear them all, LIVE! Raymund Marasigan, one of the most respected artists in the Philippine rock band scene, along side with Buddy Zabala, who is one of the famous bassist in the Philippines, will be playing all these hits here in New York.


So what are you waiting for?

Get your tickets now and see you here at D'Haven.

For tickets and inquiries call or text:
JC - (718) 286-9179

or visit toggleswitchph.com

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May 15, 2022

Just by hearing his name, ladies from the 80's will be screaming their lungs out.

You can say that he is one of the matinee idols of his generation.

From hit songs to hit movies, I'm pretty sure you've heard about him.

The famous "babaero" of his era, Mr. Randy Santiago will be performing along side with some of our well-known local artists here in Queens.

Come chill and vibe with us only here at D'Haven

For tickets and inquiries call or text:
Dennis - (917) 331-4227
Bee - (347) 658-4677



A Ray of Hope

May 21, 2022

A yearly tradition here at d'Haven.

We celebrate our Filipino culture through music and dance.

And alongside with our favorite Filipino dishes, get entertained by a lot of artists and live entertainment with the access to both our spacious venues (Lounge and Ballroom)

Come and celebrate with us and be proud where we all came from.

For tickets and inquiries call or text:
Meteck - (347) 804-4436
Arlene - (646) 515-9192

Evelyn - (917) 402-2825

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June 3, 2022

Know as the nephew of one of the most famous popstar in the Philippines during the 80's and the 90's, Hajji Alejandro, Niño Alejandro was also gifted with an amazing voice.

He will be singing for us at d'Haven here in New York together with a lot of special guests like Sheng Belmonte, Temi, Isabelle De Leon, Bryan Termulo and Rasmin.

For tickets and inquiries call or text:
VynzMuzyk - (347) 705-2967
d'Haven - (718) 440-3464

or visit:


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June 24, 2022

I know we are used to seeing male lead vocals in the Philippine  rock band scene. But these ladies right here changed the name of the game.

We all know Kitchie Nadal, a multi-awarded female artist, who we've all been listening to since the early 2000's.

Aia De Leon, who also won Best Female Award and Best Music Video for "Akap" with her former band Imago at the NU107 Rock Awards.

Acel Bisa, who won Best New Artist Award at the 1998 NU107 Rock Awards.

Some of you might be wondering, what are their songs? I'll give you a song reference in that case.

Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihing  hindi ka makakapunta. Kaya Tara Let's na at manood bago ka maTorete dahil mo sila narinig at nakita.

For tickets and inquiries call or text:
JC - (718) 286-9179

Marco - (347) 721-5705



August 27, 2022

We've all been looking forward to this.

And now, they're coming!

One of the Philippines' famous rock band is now heading to New York!

And we all can't wait to see and hear them perform...LIVE!

Kamikazee is going to perform at d'Haven and tickets sells out fast.

Don't wait. Only few tickets left.

Get Tickets now before its sold out.

For tickets and inquiries call or text:
Jan - (917) 362-4985

Sidney - (201) 923 -1236

Ivan - (917) 456 -2990