About Us



     Our story started 7 years ago, when Evelyn and I were introduced to the world of ballroom dancing. We met Dennis Sy, a professional dance teacher who came here in the U.S. after a successful career in the Philippines. We started as casual business partners which blossomed into a beautiful and loyal friendship. 5 years ago, we thought of having our own place for our dancing hobby. We dreamt of a place where people can go to enjoy and share the joys of music, food, entertainment, and dance. And opportunity presents itself, Maryann's restaurant was offered to us. What was once a dream turned into reality. On July 17, 2015, d'Haven opened its door to the public. Our philosophy is to provide a sanctuary, where joy and happiness is shared through food, music, and dance.

     We, at d'Haven, offer services that satisfies our clients specific needs. A cozy lounge bar, karaoke, and sports bar, a traditional Filipino restaurant, a ballroom space for dance enthusiasts, and a spacious dance studio staffed with professional dance teachers.

    We stand for quality service and we believe in creating happy and meaningful memories here at d'Haven.